About Us

Wholesome, Soothing, and Tranquil

The inspiration for Luxana Bedding was born from our mission to provide the healthiest sleeping environment. After years of in-depth research to identify the ideal materials to craft the world’s leading hypoallergenic bedding products, we have succeeded. We use the best materials in the world to construct our products, helping to create an incomparably healthy, soothing, and tranquil sleeping experience.

We Deliver the Perfect Solution Through Nature and Science

Our products offer the very best of nature bundled with science. Our revolutionary new Comforter is a combination of 100% raw mulberry silk inside of bamboo viscose, featuring unparalleled benefits. These quality materials ensure a hypoallergenic sleeping environment that is completely natural and absolutely luxurious.

Natural and Beneficial Properties

We understand how important it is to you to take care of yourself and protect your loved ones. That is why our products are completely hypoallergenic. Our silk and bamboo viscose naturally repel bacteria, fungi, mold, dander and dust mites. Clinical studies have proven that silk can help ease conditions such as asthma, sensitive skin, eczema, and allergic rashes. Experimentation has shown that fabric made from bamboo kills 99.8% of bacteria. Luxana Bedding provides a truly hygienic sleeping environment.

Our signature comforter breathes naturally and regulates body temperature at the perfect level. Bamboo viscose is a moisture-wicking, fast-drying thermal regulator with millions of micro gaps for breathability. Silk also allows the skin to breathe and to keep warm in the winter as well as cool in the summer. Being highly absorbent, silk has the ability to absorb as much as a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Together, these materials comprise the most ideal comforter in sleeping luxury.

Unparalleled Softness

Our Comforter is filled with the finest raw mulberry silk cocoons and encased in beautiful bamboo viscose. Every cocoon is hand-stretched, layered, finished, and meticulously examined to meet our exacting standards of quality. Our bamboo viscose is as soft as cashmere. These materials together provide a cloud-like comforter of which Luxana is truly proud.