How do I put the Duvet Cover on the Comforter?

1. Unzip the duvet cover and turn it inside out. You will notice the duvet cover has two strings at each corner and side. These are to be tied around the loops at each corner and side of the comforter.

2. Lay the comforter horizontally and place the duvet cover on top of the comforter while lining up the strings and loops. Thread one string through each loop and then tie them the same way.

3. Once the fastening is finished, you will want to pull the comforter right side out. Put your arms through the duvet cover zipper opening, take hold of the two far corners, and pull them out toward you.

4. Zip up the duvet cover. Your Luxana comforter is now ready for use.

Click on the following diagram below for a visual aid:


When you're ready to wash the duvet cover, open the zipper, take hold of the two far corners, and pull them toward you. The duvet cover will now be inside out. Untie the strings.

Finally, turn the duvet cover right side out and zip it up before washing. This will protect the stitching and strings.