A Luxana Comforter starts
with 100% Grade AAA long
floss Mulberry Silk, the
highest quality silk for
purchase, known as...
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Supplied with hundreds
of raw bundles of silk,
our craftsmen position
themselves at the four
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Luxurious, Stylish and Sophisticated

Outfit your bed with Luxana and discover the rich rewards of a heavenly night's rest featuring exquisite softness, year-round coziness and durability.

Our luxury silk comforters with a bamboo shell are naturally equipped and expertly handcrafted to keep you comfortable in all climates with the world's finest fabrics.

Our Story

At Luxana Bedding, we are committed to providing superior luxury bedding created to protect your health while delivering the utmost comfort level for optimal rest.

The materials we use, including mulberry silk and bamboo viscose, naturally safeguard you from harmful elements while upholding the ultimate sleeping environment.

We have spent years of in-depth research to identify the ideal materials to craft the world’s leading bedding products, and that is exactly what we do.

Give yourself the gift of healthy, restful sleep with Luxana Bedding.

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