Naturally Composed

Silk on the Inside

A Luxana Bedding Cocoon Comforter starts with 100% Grade AAA long floss Mulberry Silk, the highest quality silk for purchase, known as the “Queen of All Fabrics”.  It is the strongest natural fiber in the world.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic by repelling dust mites and resisting mold and fungi. It has high anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties. The structure and content of amino acids in silk proteins is very similar to the skin of the human body and does not trigger any immune response, allowing it to ease conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin, and allergic rashes as well as asthma. The amino acids in silk can also help calm the nervous system. Raw silk contains sericin, a protein created by Bombyx mori silkworms. The high hydroxyl amino acid content of sericin (approx. 46%) is of particular importance for the water-binding capacity which regulates the skin’s moisture. Fibroin, the chief constituent in silk, absorbs and dissipates moisture very well, allowing air to pass freely, making silk an ideal material for servicing the purposes of thermal regulation. It is also naturally fire-retardant. Silk’s light and fluffy properties when utilized as a filling make for the best in comforter creation.

Bamboo on the Outside

Bamboo naturally contains an anti-microbial agent known as Kun.

A study performed by the China Industrial Testing Center has shown that fabric made from bamboo naturally kills 99.8% of bacteria. Micro gaps in bamboo viscose allow for breathability, making it a very effective moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabric that regulates body temperature. Bamboo viscose naturally fends away static-electricity and does not cling. This wrinkle-resistant material is often described as having the ultra-softness of cashmere and the luster of silk. The luxurious feel of bamboo viscose is truly what places our Baby Bedding Essentials Collection above the rest.

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