How Your Luxana Silk Comforter Takes Shape

Final Production and Processing Supplied with hundreds of raw bundles of silk, our craftsmen position themselves at the four corners of each bundle and gently stretch the silk to the appropriate dimensions of the comforter size.

Bundle by bundle, layer by layer, the Luxana Silk comforter slowly begins to take shape. Typically, it can take between 100 and 400 of these thin layers to complete the comforter, depending on the desired thickness and bed size from baby to king size.

With the silk floss layers carefully stacked together, they are then sealed inside a luxuriously soft outer shell of 100% viscose from bamboo to eliminate shifting and bunching.

With production complete, the comforter is then subjected to a stringent regimen of quality testing before finally receiving the Luxana Bedding label as the official seal of approval.

The final result is an extemely efficient, lightweight and luxurious Luxana Cocoon Comforter.